Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lessons to be Learned

It's been tooooo Long since I've blogged! 
Summer is FLYING by, and I just haven't been good at recording it.
I have learned a few lessons here and there I guess.

In Raymond's Got Talent - I choreographed a routine that, crazily enough, ended up placing 1st! 
The amazing girls that put up with my insane choreo
One of the judges spoke to me after and gave me some amazing compliments. But one thing he said really hit me hard:

"Most people look at a competition like this and think I should've done something. Or I could've done that. The reason you are where you are is because you aren't a "Should've/Could've"  person. You went out, choreographed it, taught it, and won it."

WHOAAAA... Am I really a "Go-getter"? I didn't think so. 

Too many times I've had to reflect on situations where I missed an opportunity to share the gospel & I think for days after about how I "SHOULD'VE" said this or that....
How many weeks go by where I think I "SHOULD'VE" exercised more or I "SHOULD'VE" eaten better...dang it.
I "SHOULD'VE" done more service today...
I "SHOULD'VE" been a better friend & called someone to ask them about their day.
I "SHOULD'VE" cleaned my room/done my laundry...

!Oh Dear!

I need to work on being the person 
Mr. Judge said I am......lesson #1.

Lesson 2.
Nature is the BEST place to meditate and strengthen your testimony. Nothing. this. summer. has helped me feel better than running on gravel roads by farms, hiking up mountains, or traveling. 

So beautiful eh?
Lesson 3. 
Being spontaneous is the fastest way to fix a bad day.
Spontaneity cures heartache and boredom.
It's better than ice cream.
Get yo'self on a bike & go... 

Get on a cliff & JUUUMMMPP..

Life is too short!!! Especially summer...
don't miss out :)
Live It. Laugh at it. & Love it. 

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  1. I LOVE SUMMER!!!!! And I've really missed not being a main character in yours this year :( Looks like you're having a riot! I LOVE the lesson number 1 part in this post!